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The small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of any economy. While the big businesses grab all the headlines, it is the SMEs that provide jobs to the majority of people and create prosperity in a country. Businesses in developing countries, however, face many challenges. ISFA is the premier organizations involved in enabling franchisees to expand their businesses. Founded in 2008, the ISFA currently enjoys a membership of many talented and experienced franchise entrepreneurs and over 3000 potential franchise partners.

Franchise MSME is a business network that connects franchisees with franchisees and helps entrepreneurs unlock their growth potential. They provide services such as marketing, advertising and branding to assist people in taking their business concepts from the development stage to marketable products.

Indian Small Business Franchise Association is committed to growing the franchise industry by providing franchise owners with access to valuable business solutions and opportunities to connect and grow through membership. With Franchise Consult and Franchise Mate, the International Franchise Association strives to provide professional franchise owners with a complete franchise package for building a successful franchise business model. Our role in franchising includes from marketing and sales to distribution and even cooperation with foreign brands. Under Exim-Franchise--an enterprise for finding the best match for our brands as well as for offering support to brand owners, we have taken one of the most ambitious steps in entering the Indian market.

Fran Recruit, through its wide spectrum of network of top level professionals powered by Indian Small Business Franchise Association, aims to identify and assess the outstanding talent and recruit them to acquire the leadership roles in the leading Organizations in the Franchise Sector.

Small and medium business franchisees can access front-line support systems through ISFA, which partners with successful, well-established brands across industry verticals, providing an instant entry route into faster growth. ISFA also creates a forum for franchisees to gain consensus on business practices and networking. Through its partnerships with counterpart chambers across the world, ISFA carries forward initiatives of inclusive development in SMBs, which encompasses entrepreneurship, training, governance, skill development, etc. They also provide funding opportunities for high-potential SMEs. Through ISFA, Indian businesses have opportunities to connect with overseas partners and expand their businesses.

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